Demo: Tim Lefebvre with Earthquaker Devices & Way Huge

This is something I have always wanted to capture for Pedals And Effects, where someone comes in and we setup pedals he or she has never spent time with, then that musician comes up with sounds on the spot! When I had the amazing Tim Lefebvre come through to video some stuff for the site, Tim had mentioned he was really interested in Earthquaker Devices pedals and that he had not really had a lot of experience with them (though now he has since acquired some!) so I put Tim and Earthquaker Devices to the test!

Tim loves his Way Huge Pork Loin overdrive and uses it in a similar way I use my Boss CS-2 compressor. Both work really well in getting our basses suited for effects. In Tim’s case, the Pork Loin is taking his massively low end 1967 Gibson EB-2 hollowbody bass and compressing and tightening the full spectrum, giving the bass a lot more focus and manageability for recording and effects use.

In this video, Tim runs this bass/Pork Loin combo into three Earthquaker Devices pedals he has never used. His chain is as follows: EB-2 into the Pork Loin then into an Earthquaker Devices Bit CommanderArpanoidHummingbird combination. The results not only blow Tim away, but they make me break out my hollow body and head down the same track!