Crowther Audio - Prunes And Custard

There are so many pedals and so little time, but I do my best to try to find the most unique and cutting edge stuff for Pedals And Effects fans to check out. Sometimes, I am going to miss a great effect and such was the case with Crowther Audio’s Prunes And Custard.

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While on tour with Deltron 3030 in New Zealand for a festival, we had a few days off before we had to fly to Australia so Dan The Automator and I went looking for music gear. We unassumingly went into New Zealand’s largest music store chain, Rockshop. An employee working there named Scott Bidwell walks up to me and says “hey, Juan, right? What are you doing here?” I laughed and said I was there for a festival and I asked him what pedals they had in stock. Scott recommended I check out a Prunes And Custard by Crowther Audio.

Dan and I head over to a bass amp and I plug it in and we instantly light up! Dan is blown away and as I play, Dan does the knob turning and he says, “you gotta pick this pedal up!” I am blown away too so I ask Scott more about the pedal. He tells me the drummer from Split EnzPaul Crowther, makes pedals and this is his harmonic generator-intermodulator pedal! Needless to say, I am sold on it! Scott decided to call Paul and Paul kicks me down the pedal for a review on Pedals And Effects. It is one of the most musical surprises I have had in a long time and I was so excited to bring it attention in the US.

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 Paul Crowther featured on Premier Guitars: 5 Boutique Stompbox Builders You Should Know

So when I got it, I start blasting audio samples of the Prunes And Custard on my Instagram to build up the excitement for when I actually put this post up. I really am thinking I found some new, hidden gem from New Zealand! Cut to Justin Meldal-Johnsen clarifying to me that it has been around for years! I eventually get to corresponding with Paul about the pedal. I write to him, praising him on his pedal and how I can’t believe I didn’t know it existed and he writes me that he came to a Mars Volta sound-check in 05’ and tried to get pedals to us but for one reason or another, he was unsuccessful.

I do appreciate Mr. Crowther’s attempt and even more, I really appreciate his knowledge of knowing we were a band who would understand his genius design.