Keeley Mesmer Astral Delay

Keeley released this crazy pedal on 4/20 and even if you're not a stoner, you need this Mesmer Astral Delay on your board ASAP! This is one of the crazier pedals we have had sent to us in a while, but it is incredibly musical and ingeniously designed. The Mesmer is, how we saw it, an octaver, sequencer, short delay sort of looper sound manipulator all in one small package!

Photo credit: Robert Keeley

Photo credit: Robert Keeley

Keeley, in essence,  calls the Mesmer Astral Delay a two delay line octaver arpeggiator that is made for the musician who likes to trip their sounds out to bizarre landscapes and then back to earth. This must explain why the Mesmer came with a 3D paint job and 3D glasses because it takes your signal in and out of at least three dimensions. 

Sort of confused? It really is best to let Nick rip on it as he will guide your mind into uncharted sound territories and hallucinatory visions. 

I, myself, did not get a Mesmer so Nick got to solo this pedal on his own. I hear mine is on the way, so maybe my Instagram will be floating above the internet when it lands at 5starr Sound Labs!