Flashback Friday: Emma Electronic Okto-Nøjs

I know it hasn't been a long time since my last post on the Emma Electronic Okto-Nøjs, but I wanted to add something to that post that I left off. I wasn't sure it was necessary, but I made a video that had an example of me using the sound I created with the Okto-Nøjs played over a beat. I did a similar video before in a post for the Pigtronix Mothership Synthesizer pedal years ago and thought it was worthy then because I wasn't sure bassists were going to get how to use such a dynamic effect in a band or musical situation.

The Okto-Nøjs is similar in the sense that it is a synthy low end pedal that can create tones similar to a bass synthesizer for our 4 string instruments. Though a lot of readers and YouTube subscribers were into the idea of the pedal, I didn't see a lot of musicians purchase the pedal with the big discount we helped to get them. (Get $30 OFF the Okto-Nøjs with the code "OKTOJUAN" when checking out.) This led me to the idea that maybe if I had added an example of how to work this pedal, this effect would have seemed essential to bass tones.

Here I am, in my 5starr Sound Labs with my Kala 5 String California bass, making a bass line over a Logic beat to convey why I think this pedal is worthy of your consideration. This pedal is so musical that I can plug it in, move some knobs and adjust my technique to get a bass synth sound that has elements of the Prunes and Custard overdrive, an Electro Harmonix Bass Synthesizer, MXR Submachine and a BOSS OC-2 octave divider. All the while the Okto-Nøjs manages to offer additional sound options that I have not come across. 

Check out my video where I explore these sounds and thank you, as always, for your consideration and time!