Demo: Okto-Nøjs by Emma Electronic

Just when you thought it was safe to turn up, the Okto-Nøjs by Emma Electronic gets you busted by the decibel police. The sure fire way to rattle the stage is to have an amazing ripper of a pedal like the Okto-Nøjs because it contains two lethal effects in one box!

The Okto part of this analog octave pedal is the sub bumper part of the effect and it rattled my studio walls to where my eyes were blurry. Add the Nøjs which is the dirt element and you can bring down the ceilings with heavy fuzz sounds and great filtering. Hit them with both effects on at the same time and you now own the venue’s full and unbridled attention!

One thing you will have to do is move out your other pedals that only provide one effect and park the Okto-Nøjs in their place. You will get an all analog fuzz section that is synthy at times and then doom-esque in other knob settings. This comes with the perfect compliment, the Okto, which is the octave down with a tone knob. You can add clean signal (I dont) or just use the tone knob to take you in the Taurus pedal territory, tracking the entire bass perfectly. Get ready to take the subs on with one stomp! I call this the no brainer pedal so be smart and get an Okto-Nøjs.

I love that I had so much fun making this video for the Okto-Nøjs and I know that if you grab one of these pedals, you will holler back at me with a "thank you, Juan!” You will be thanking me for recommending an awesome pedal and you will win again because we are offering a promotion to Pedals and Effects viewers with a $30.00 discount on an Okto-Nøjs. The coupon code is OKTOJUAN and with that, that pedal will go straight from the shipping box to the pedalboard where it will live forever with you. (You can purchase the Okto-Nøjs by clicking here.)

Just check out the video, and hear for yourself that the Okto-Nøjs is worthy of your heavy consideration!