Demo: TWA Fly Boys Echo FB-03

Godlyke Distributing Inc. are known for some pretty radical sounding pedals. The Great Divide Analog Synth Octaver or the Little Dipper Envelope Filter are two fantastic examples of what Godlyke has to offer. Godlyke has now come up with a few smaller effects that deliver. Godlyke’s TWA Fly Boys series mini pedals, which include DistortionOverdriveChorusMetal and a great delay simply called Echo, are made with the aerial traveling & touring musician in mind.

Photo credit: Effects Database

Photo credit: Effects Database

Today’s musicians do not always get to have their own gear flown all over the world, so you end up seeing them out there boarding planes with their pedalboards and instruments and having to use the backline provided by the gig/venue. When this is the case, size and weight matters, so its important to be smart and check out this micro-pedal line of thinking.

These Fly Boys effects are small, light, sound great and are easy to use. When trying to get a lot done, think simply and save the real estate on your pedalboard for your vintage monstrosities.