Vibrato Review: Boss VB-2 vs Behringer Ultra Vibrato UV300

It is important to spread out your purchasing power when it comes to pedals.  Basic pedalboards will consist of a tuner, a compressor, a fuzz or distortion or both, a modulation pedal like a chorus or vibrato, a delay and maybe some wild pedal.  Add that up and that becomes a lot of money for us musicians.

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But I know what is like to GAS for a piece of gear. I always find myself purchasing gear that I had been looking at for years and a half and would pull the trigger because I believed it would give me that edge I was looking for.

Pedals do the same thing to me.  I own not one but two Boss VB-2 vibrato pedals because I hear them as very unique and unparalleled vibrato stompboxes.  These effects can average about $300-600 dollars on ebay or craigslist.  What if there was a vibrato pedal that was a tenth of that price and came close to the sound of the coveted Boss VB-2?  Could the Behringer Ultra Vibrato UV300 sound close or close enough to use in a pinch?

In the video, I will let you all decide for yourself.  Would you still save for the Boss VB-2 or would you buy the Behringer Ultra Vibrato UV300?  BOSS recently re-released the VB-2 as a part of their Waza craft reissues. While nice, the price is still pretty high for what it is. Either way, I'm here to tell you that you got options! Be smart about your sounds, and your wallet.