Red Panda Particle

The Red Panda Particle is easily one of my favorite effect pedals ever; it’s a granular delay/pitch shifting pedal but also offers so much more. When Jonathan Hischke first brought over Josh Klinghoffer’s Particle, we plugged it in and spent about an hour playing through it and looking at each other in amazement. The way this pedal manipulates your instrument’s sound is simply beyond words. The Red Panda Particle is a mangler, delay, pitch shifter, sampler, bit crusher all in one and I haven’t even listed everything else it’s capable of being! It chops your signal into small grains, using the techniques of granular synthesis in real time. Results range from radical pitch and delay modulation to shimmering repeats to stutter/glitch sounds.

Photo credit: Red Panda

Photo credit: Red Panda

I’ve been using my Red Panda Particle ever since the nice people at Red Panda sent me one; the homie Dan Elkan (Broken Bells, Hella) does some incredible things with it as well. He uses it in such a musical way to bend and shape his guitar’s signal into sounds that are truly trailblazing.  He is a textural magician and the Red Panda Particle helps achieve all of those sounds he conjures up in his head. Peep the video and check out what this pedal sounds like with guitar and bass.

I've got mad love for Red Panda, please give the Red Panda website a visit and check out this and all of their other amazing products.