Emma Electronics DiscumBOBulator V2

Funk knows no end, and with so many basses in the bass game today you have to find the right envelope filter for your funky endeavors. One that opens when you want it to, and has enough head room for what you are about to throw into its input. My suggestion? The hand made Emma Electronics DiscumBOBulator. Why? You may ask. Because I am here to help you all. I think there are many great envelope filters out there, but if you want to make sure your bass is compatible with the right envelope filter, then I suggest you start with the DiscumBOBulator for reasons right here:

Photo credit: Godlyke

Photo credit: Godlyke

The DiscumBOBulator by Emma Electronics has superior filter-triggering as well as a huge dynamic range that you don't always find. The real key to this unique envelope filter is the huge headroom signal, so the pedal handles the red hot signals of active bass pickups and line level inputs flawlessly. Now add that the DiscumBOBulator has an independent 10dB boost so you can get up and over your band's mix when you need to and I rest my case!

As you can hear in the video I have done, the Emma Electronics DiscumBOBulator clearly has everything I mentioned above. I didn't plug an active bass in it, because I don't own one, but I have plugged a lot of heavy output pedals in front of it and it soared as if it were a low input bass. 

In a world filled with a bunch of pedals that, on description do the same thing, you must dig to find the pedal that works flawlessly with your exact instrument. I say, start with the DiscumBOBulator as it is designed to fill all your envelope filter needs.