Juan Alderete and Halo Orbit Magazine Features!

Juan has been prominently featured in the press lately spreading the good word of Pedals And Effects and going in depth about his latest project, Halo Orbit! Juan is currently featured in Premier Guitar, Bass Player Magazine, and Bass Magazine Japan and deBassist for the fans in Japan and the Netherlands!

Photo credit: Piero f Giunti

Photo credit: Piero f Giunti

In these features, Juan goes in depth with the history of Halo Orbit, its formation, gear, effects combinations, and putting the record together by working internationally and cross country. Juan expands on how he views his role in the effects pedals scene, his sonic evolution, and how he's constantly chasing "that new sound." The Premier Guitar Interview features a track-by-track breakdown of the Halo Orbit where Juan talks about specific gear and effects used on each track. As a bonus, guitarist extraordinaire, suGar Yoshinaga is also featured in that same interview, giving her input and also breaking down what gear she used!

You can find the Premier Guitar feature here, the Bass Player Magazine feature here (he's on the cover!) Check your local newsstands and bookstores and keep an eye out for Juan's features and interviews in these magazines!