MXR Bass Overdrive

When legendary pedal maker MXR asked me to do a video of a couple of their new pedals, I was excited to get started. I already reviewed their Bass Chorus Deluxe, so this time, I wanted to showcase their MXR Bass Overdrive.

MXR has made a bass overdrive that has growl and edge to make any bass more aggressive without losing low end.  The pedal comes with a clean control so you can blend a pre-set EQ clean signal with the overdrive signal.   Check it out here in this video.  I purposely held out notes and let the bass sustain, so bass players could hear the pedal’s overdrive quality and tube-like qualities.  I think playing fast notes or busy passages wouldn’t have let the pedal’s magic come through in the video.  At times, I was so excited about the pedal, I started to hit the string too hard, putting the E string out of tune!

I know the Bass Overdrive will be on many bass players’ pedalboards because its clarity and grittiness are so useful in recording and live situations. The level of innovation at the MXR labs remains extremely high, and so does their commitment to making useful effects specifically for bassists.


Video shot by the Jim Dunlop Company for MXR Innovations.