Throwback Thursday: Research and Sound Design at Pedals And Effects

We here at Pedals And Effects have the wonderful privilege, and opportunity to get hands on with some amazing equipment. Whether its Earthquaker DevicesDigitech, or pedals from smaller boutique companies, we do our best to really get in-depth with effects pedals before we even shoot a single second of film. We want to give you guys the best idea of what its like to work with any given pedal! We try to get the best representation of each pedal as possible including really digging in to show what each pedal is capable of beyond its intended function. There is also the added fun of chaining pedals together!

Every time we get a pedal it immediately comes to 5starr Sound Labs where we really play and mess around with them. So take a look at this “fly on the wall” video of my buddy Jonathan Hischke and I really digging into some pedals before we shoot! 

The best part is, our methods of “research” haven’t changed at all! Research, and sound design at Pedals And Effects! Check it!