Dr. Octagon Spring Tour Pedalboard

The hustle never stops! Currently I'm about to wrap up the first leg of the Spring/Summer Dr. Octagon tour! Playing with Dan the Automator, DJ Qbert and of course, Kool Keith has been a blast and running new sounds has been uplifting and exciting. We've been bumping subs each every stop of the tour, and I wanted to show you guys how I've been doing that, night after night.

Just like I did with my Juliette Lewis pedalboard, I wanted to show you guys what pedals I've brought out and what kinds of sounds and effects I've been getting. As you might expect, there are some Pedals And Effects favorites on here like the BOSS VB-2 Vibrato, BOSS OC-2 Octave, the DOD Meatbox, Digitech PDS-20/20 and of course old faithful, the BOSS CS-2 Compressor.

Photo credit: Instagram.com/Amieln

Photo credit: Instagram.com/Amieln

The new Dr. Octagon material is really heavy so I went for hard hitting and funky effects. I'm using a Guyatone Wah Rocker for the funk, the Crowther Audio Prunes and Custard for the freaky, the Fairfield Circuitry Randy's Revenge Ring Mod for the synthy and Endangered Audio AD4096 my favorite analog delay for the spacey! A first for me, I am using the Red Panda bit crusher, the Bitmap, and went for the jugular with Godlyke's the Great Divide. Last but not least I needed the best from Earthquaker Devices so I added the Rainbow Machine for the scifi and the brand new Erupter Fuzz for the heavyness!

We finish up in NYC's Irving Plaza tonight, but we'll be back out on the road for the summer festival circuit hitting up Outside Lands in San Francisco, and the Music Tastes Good festival in Long Beach. Come through, and I'll see you all out there!