Unleashing the Cinematic Power of the Mercury7 Reverb from Meris

If you're a fan of Pedals and Effects, then there is a good chance you were really into our review of the Ottobit Jr. from Meris, and I am confident that you'll be as blown away with their Mercury7 Reverb! Meris is not your ordinary effects maker. They set out to break boundaries and take pedals where none have gone before. And the Mercury7 is no different. This pedal's fidelity, functionality and compact size break new ground in the reverb world just like the Ottobit did.

Photo credit: Meris

Photo credit: Meris

As a fan of trailblazers and innovators, I really admire what the team at Meris is doing: taking an effect like reverb and giving it new life, sound capabilities and multi functioning! The Mercury7 is influenced by the 1982 film, "Blade Runner," and you can see the inspiration in the massive sound that gives you the feeling that you've entered into a wild and eerie future. The abilities of the pitch vector section enable the Mercury7 to go way beyond other reverbs - I hit tones with my bass that shook my studio to the point that I was sure my neighbors would call the cops! Nick was creating high octave reverbs, then modulating those and eventually warping them with the modulate knob. Crazy. 

Once you plug into the Mercury7, you'll hear, instantly, the incredible depth of audio fidelity within the pedal. This is thanks to its massive headroom signal path - it can't be clipped! Now take that quality of sound, then bend and twist the reverb to levels not heard in other reverbs. This is where "Blade Runner" becomes part of your sound because you have cinematic soundscapes at your feet that make you feel like you're in a state-of-the-art, THX theater hearing depths and imaging that will blow you away.

Another groundbreaking element of the Mercury7 is Meris' intelligent functionality template. Similar to the Ottobit, the Mercury7 has secondary and global functions that make this reverb the most generously-equipped reverb we have come across. MIDI capabilities, stereo inputs and outputs, switchable input levels, expression pedal input...the list goes on! This meticulously thought-out pedal comes with everything you need in a reverb unit.

Check out the video of the Mercury7 Nick and I did which explores all of the amazing sounds this reverb can get, then go to the Meris website to get one for yourself and/or for more details. Make sure you tell them Pedals and Effects sent you!