The Depths by Earthquaker Devices

In celebration of this years Summer NAMM, and in preparation for the annual Earthquaker day, I wanted to revisit a time to when I flew out to Akron, OH to try out some yet-to-be released Earthquaker pedals. These pedals of course, in true Earthquaker Devices fashion, became absolute mainstays and every time I go and visit those guys, I know that they're onto something great.

A few years ago, Earthquaker Devices flew yours truly to their headquarters in Akron, Ohio and shot this video one of the city’s best studios, Tangerine Sound, just days before we drove to the Nashville Summer NAMM show. Earthquaker Devices had just finished developing The Arpanoid and The Depths, their latest gadgets at the time. The Depths was easy for me to play through because it’s a musical, responsive and multidimensional pedal.  As I watched this video, I remember getting inspired to switch up the basslines whenever the knobs were turned by Earthquaker’s wonderman, Jeff France, AKA “Fej.”  In fact, all the videos I shot for Earthquaker Devices during my stay went so smoothly because their pedals inspire me to create music.  I can’t emphasize how important this is when searching for a new pedal. Always look for the pedals that inspire you to make great music.

The Depths is for any instrument, but Earthquaker always makes sure that their pedals translate well on bass.  Make sure you check out the rest of their incredible stuff on their website.  If you’re a bassist, rest assured that their pedals will sound amazing on your instrument.  This is as true to me as the fact that Jaco Pastorius is and will always be the greatest! (which, if you know me, is saying a lot. Everything, actually).

Thanks, as always, to Julie, Jamie and the entire Earthquaker Devices team.