Pedals And Effects Welcomes Bobb Bruno

Pedals And Effects is honored to welcome Bobb Bruno back to the website. You may know Bobb Bruno from his work with Best Coast, Bunny Tuff, Uphill Gardeners and a plethora of other projects. We also featured Bobb for our "Pedals And Effects 5" column last year. Bobb Bruno is a like minded sonic innovator and he is always searching for that new sound. Bobb has such a unique approach to his instrument and he's always of the innovator mindset. Joined by Jonathan Hischke, we have a in depth conversation with Bobb on his musical history, his approach to effects pedals, Japanese noise, Spice Girls, and so much more.

Photo credit: Zimbio

Photo credit: Zimbio

Tried and true LA, Bobb Bruno grew up ingrained in the LA noise scene. What made Bobb's sound unique and outstanding, was his penchant for a pop sensibility. In the same sentence Bobb could talk about some of the noisiest grindiest bands around, but also talk about the redeeming qualities of Rick Springfield and the Spice Girls.

Bobb, like Jonathan was ahead of the curve with DOD. Back in the days when boutique pedals weren't really a thing, Bobb was stock piling DOD and other lesser known pedals, and that investment has paid off with his unique sound.

Watch this great interview with Hischke and Bobb and get ready for more videos featuring him because he lives in my hood! Also, you can catch Bobb out on tour this late summer early fall with Best Coast.



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