Bobb Bruno's Bass Pedalboard

Picking up where we last left off with Bobb Bruno, Bobb gives us a run down of the effects he's been using on his pedalboard when he plays bass! Jonathan Hischke, and Bobb go through his pedalboard, and find out that Bobb has quite a bit of tricks up his sleeves, some cool surprises and some really off-the-beaten-path vintage gear. 

First off, we got to talk about the bass Bobb brought in! Bobb brought in a spectacular, vintage, made in Japan, Ibanez 2615B Artist bass. According to Bobb, supposedly only 107 of these were ever made! Bobb's pedalboard starts off with an old Korg PME 40X. Back in the 80's and 90's, during the days of multi-effects the Korg PME 40X was unique in that it was modular. You could buy different units, mix and match, and the PME 40X served as the multi-effects board which is how you would activate the modules of your choice. 

Photo credit: Reverb

Moving onto Bobb's board, of note is a Vox Trike Fuzz, it's a unique fuzz with both octave up, and octave down functions. They're cheap now, but I have a feeling they might be harder to find soon! Bobb's also got both the Electro-Harmonix Mel9 Mellotron modeler, and the C9 Organ Machine. Bobb has t the C9 dialed in so it's not overtly "oh, he turned on the organ pedal" but rather, it's supplemental to his bass tone. Bobb also has a Mooer Pure Boost that he has set for a big dirty push! Shouts out to Malekko too, Bobb uses the Malekko Ekko 616 for modulated delay trails. 

It's such an honor to have a sonic innovator like Bobb on Pedals And Effects. He always surprises me with gear or settings I've never heard of, and when you've been doing this for as long as I have you hear quite a lot. There's more coming with Bobb, so stay tuned!