Bobb Bruno's Signature Fuzz 'The Fluzzy' by TSVG

We're back with more from Bobb Bruno! Multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire, Bobb wears many hats. You can find him in Best Coast, Bunny Tuff, or you might know him from his work with the Uphill Gardeners. Once again joined by Jonathan Hischke, we go over Bobb's very own signature fuzz pedal "The Fluzzy!"  

Photo credit: Equipboard

Photo credit: Equipboard

Designed in part by TSVG, the Fluzzy is based on (by Bobb's input) the Ibanez Standard Fuzz, which is in turn, a version of the widely sought after Univox Super Fuzz. In designing the Fluzzy, Bobb had the idea for a gate that would tighten up the fuzz, but TSVG went in the opposite direction and added a gate that increases the gain. In the end, you get this huge, classic, vintage sounding fuzz. Also check out those Raiders graphics! Definitely check out TSVG, based in Philly, they're all about all things huge sounding, dirt, distortion, fuzz, overdrive you name it. Sit back and let Jonathan, and Bobb walk you through the Fluzzy!

I've got mad love for Jonathan and Bobb, and we hope you enjoyed Bobb on Pedals And Effects as much as we have. Definitely expect to see some more of him, coming soon!