A Look Back: Jon Theodore

As you probably already know, my close friend, former band mate and one of the world’s greatest drummers, Jon Theodore, is now drumming for another amazing band, Queens Of The Stone Age. He called me when he got back from South America, having played to thousands of fans on his very first show with them, and recalled how similar it was to my first week in The Mars Volta. I’d had only three rehearsals and one club show with TMV before playing for tens of thousands at Coachella, so I could definitely relate.  If you haven’t seen Jon in action with QOTSA, here’s a video from that first show:

Soon after I joined The Mars Volta, Jon and I became close.  It was 2003 and we were just starting out, so band members had to share hotel rooms. Being the rhythm section, Jon and I stayed together. I will never forget those days.  During our first tour of Europe, we stayed in London for over a week, and Jon and I would rap out every night until 4 or 5 in the morning, getting to know each other while trying to beat our jet lag.  We’d head down to the lobby bar almost every night and kick it with the crew and other band members who wanted to hang out. I was in awe of his ability to give 110% every night we played, and it was a really special time in my career as a musician and our time as a band.

Jon and I have remained great friends over the years and have talked about one day playing in another musical situation together. I hope that happens, but until it does, I’m happy to have had the experience and great memories of playing with him in The Mars Volta and one Vato Negro show with me back in 2010.

Although we know I won’t see him as much due to his touring schedule, I’ll be rooting for him, as always, and look forward to hearing all that he does with Queens. I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to play with him, and look back on that time and think, “We tore shit up!”