Digitech Bass Whammy

I can’t recall having so many requests for a video from one of my Instagram shots. So here it is! This bad boy was featured on a "Show Me Your Pedalboard" recently and I had to revisit it. In 2014 Digitech updated their Bass Whammyand it out performs the old one by a long shot! 

Photo credit: Digitech

Photo credit: Digitech

Working with updated converters, the Bass Whammy has better tracking, and the pitch shifting is spot on!  If you are the kind of bass player who likes to drop his bass an octave down, or an octave or two up, maybe add intervals, then this is the one and only pedal you need. Digitech has also added a "Chords" switch to help articulate the notes when you play a chord on your bass. 

One of the cooler additions, is the up/down a 10th interval, it works really well on bass AND guitar. Check out the video of Jonathan Hischke and I diving into this pedal, there's something for everyone with this one!