Earthquaker Devices Data Corrupter

Pedals And Effects is proud to the debut the newest Earthquaker Devices pedal, the Data Corrupter! This pedal is hot off the presses and Jamie Stillman is doing Akron proud with another groundbreaking creation. The Data Corrupter is the sound of a 1980's retro-futuristic mainframe being hacked. The Data Corrupter features oscillators, frequency modulation, interval tuning and sub harmonics! 


The Data Corrupter is Earthquaker Devices jump into the PLL (Phase Locked Loop) mayhem. This pedal has three separate voices, (square wave, sub harmonic, master oscillator) can get ring modulation, bit crushing and Nintendo sounds, as well as can achieve talk box style vocalizations and other heavy sonics. You can tune the subharmonic to specific intervals that then open up a whole range of harmonic options. 

Though there is a learning curve to this pedal, the tracking on the Data Corrupter can be wrangled in via your specific instrument. Guitar players should hang out on the neck pickup for optimum tracking, but I have also used this sucker on 5 string basses (setting in above pic for 5 string bass) and it hangs in there so it is all a giant experiment in picking the best way to input into the Data Corrupter (you may even want to keep the pedal as close to the start of the signal chain if possible)! The tracking absolutely has sweet spots so know that you're playing to the pedal. 

Special guests Justin Pearson, Joey Karam, and Jonathan Hischke join Nick and I in exploring the Data Corrupter, and check how all of us got uniquely different results. Please watch the video for all the crazy sounds the Data Corrupter is capable of!