In conversation: Jeorge Tripps of Way Huge Electronics

This summer Nick and I got to hang with Jeorge Tripps, the mastermind of Way Huge Electronics, in his secret lab in Los Angeles! Like me, Jeorge is LA through and through, from his time in the early 90's building electronics from scratch, going to Santa Monica college, to Way Huge partnering with Dunlop. We sat down with Jeorge and talked about his musical career, and all things Way Huge, past, present and future!

Photo credit: Tone Report

Photo credit: Tone Report

I met Jeorge years ago at Future Music near my house, as Jeorge is super tight with Jack who owns Future Music. Jeorge is a guarded dude and unless you prod him, he will just sit tight and listen. Jack and I, on the other hand, can talk for days and Jeorge soon realized I was cut from the same cloth of gear passion as he and Jack. l think that is why we got the opportunity to interview him at his spot and see unreleased and soon to be released Way Huge gear and vintage one off pedals! So if you are a fan of Way Huge, watch this video of a dude who was on the second wave of boutique pedal building (first wave was the 70's with EHX, MXR, BOSS etc, second being Way Huge, Fulltone, Zvex, Digitech/DOD and the current wave is the third wave maybe going into the fourth)

We loved hanging and speaking with Jeorge. We shot so much footage of our conversation, below is part one, so stay tuned for part two!