Pedals and Effects: Jim Dunlop Picks

Of all the constants in my career, I've used Dunlop picks with just about every project I've been involved with. Whether it was Racer X, Vato Negro, Mars Volta, and now, Marilyn Manson, I've been using Dunlop picks every on stage every night. 

One thing you may not know is that I use two different thicknesses when I play. Why? One, because they sound different, you get different tones from thinner picks than thicker picks. There is a utilitarian reason as well, and that is to reduce fatigue. With thinner picks there is more wrist, and shoulder involvement and back in Mars Volta when we're playing 3 hours a night, 7 days a week that begins to wear on you considerably. So now I have two rows of picks, the Delrin 2.0mm and Tortex 60mm that changes per song or how I'm feeling. 

The best part is, Dunlop picks are available everywhere! Go out and grab a bunch of varying sizes and shapes and tell me if you can hear the difference!