Vintage: Electro-Harmonix Graphic Fuzz

At Pedals and Effects, we LOVE old school Electro-Harmonix pedals. The vintage Bass Microsynth is one of my all time favorites, I used it extensively on the Vato Negro records. I recently got a vintage Deluxe Memory Man, and big metal box is definitely the way to go with Electro-Harmonix. Jonathan over at Future Music (shouts out Highland Park) lent me this vintage Graphic Fuzz, Electro-Harmonix reissued these but I wanted to try out the real deal. 

Photo credit: Audio Fanzine

Photo credit: Audio Fanzine

The Graphic Fuzz is pretty straightforward, you've got distortion, an envelope and a graphic EQ. It's basically 3 pedals in one. The switch allows you to use the pedal as a graphic EQ or just the fuzz. The envelope is basically like setting a wah in a specific position. The EQ is pretty neat, it doesn't have as much low end as the Microsynth but its still pretty cool. In the end it's a pretty gnarly dirt pedal. Just like older Electro-Harmonix pedals you can spend quite a bit of time getting lost in all the different settings and coming up with unique sounds. 

We love coming across rare pedals like these, don't sleep on stuff that might be obscure or cheap, it might be your next big thing!