Ibanez: Nu Tubescreamer

The Ibanez Tubescreamer needs no introduction, it’s a pedal that has cemented itself with an incredible legacy and it continues to inspire musicians to this day. The Tubescreamer however, has come a long way from its original iteration. Over the years Ibanez has released versions of the Tubescreamer with different tweaks, features and modes while still retaining what makes it legendary. Some time ago, Ibanez asked Nick and I for some input on what would become their newest Tubescreamer, that day is finally here, and we’re happy to show you the Ibanez “Nu Tubescreamer!”

Photo credit: Ibanez

Photo credit: Ibanez

It’s in the name! The Nu Tubescreamer is Ibanez’s newest Tubescreamer (not to be confused with Nu Metal). This is also the first time the Tubescreamer has had an actual tube in it! Ibanez teamed up with Korg to include the Nutube vacuum tube. The inclusion of the tube gives you that tube compression, tube headroom, low power consumption and it reportedly has a lifespan of 30,000 hours. The Nu Tubescreamer could easily be used for gain staging and as an additional amp channel if you’re clever enough. Another first, is the inclusion of a mix knob for the Nu Tubescreamer. It’s not actually what you think, it’s not a Wet/Dry knob but its a way to fine tune that classic mid-range boost. At 18V you won’t have to worry about accidentally frying your pedals (guilty) and it gives you more headroom with increased volume.

Major props to Ibanez for constantly reinventing themselves. We’re honored and grateful that you approached us for feedback on the Nu Tubescreamer, we were hyped with the prototype and we are hyped on the Nu Tubescreamer.