Keeley: Bubble Tron

The homie Robert Keeley coming through with another super unique entry to his catalog! How do you feel about Filters? How do you feel about Phase? How about Flange? How about all three-in-one? You a Frank Zappa fan? The Bubble Tron Dynamic Flanger Phase is the all-in-one pedal you need! If you’re feeling adventurous, one of the modes on the Bubble Tron is designed to be random. But I promise you, you will get some of the coolest sounds ever, from it.

Photo credit: Keeley Electronics

Photo credit: Keeley Electronics

Wanted to give a shout out to our fan Corey who brought our attention to the Bubble Tron in the first place! Thanks, Corey!

"Hey Juan,

I noticed you've never reviewed the Keeley Bubbletron and I think you should remedy that immediately! I am a bassist and huge Zappa fan, which means this is a must-have pedal for me. The dynamic phaser/flange and random stepped filter is really something to behold. It's definitely worth a look...keep up the good work!



The Bubble Tron is definitely a Frank Zappa fan’s dream! Based on the legendary tones, and vintage effects Frank Zappa used, the Bubble Tron manages to consolidate everything into one useful pedal. The Bubble Tron has got two phasers under the hood, an LFO but then also a more in depth dynamic Phaser. You can run just one, or both! The Flanger portion of the Bubble Tron is based off MicMix DynaFlanger a staple in Frank Zappa’s effects arsenal. You get the sweet that I love from the A/DA Flanger, and the sensitivity control really responds well to dynamics.

The control over the filter section allows you to get some pretty great, wavy, sample & hold esque sounds. Nick was able to get some telegraph, kind of morse code-like tones. The Bubble Tron can also cleanly chop up your signal, almost like a tremolo. The combinations are endless.

Check out the Bubble Tron and all of Keeley’s other dope stuff! If there’s ever a pedal you think we should check out, hit us up! Until next time!