BOSS: Waza Craft Dimension C & Metal Zone

Yep, you read that right! BOSS’ premium Waza reissue series has extended to the legendary DC-2 Chorus, and the always appreciated but often underrated, BOSS Metal Zone. The Waza DC-2w is an incredibly faithful reissue of the highly coveted DC-2 Chorus. Because of its current presence on the market (BOSS’ 2nd best selling pedal ever!), the update to the Metal Zone was a pleasant surprise, but the Waza DC-2w was completely and totally unexpected.

For the uninitiated, the Waza craft reissues are BOSS’ high quality, meticulously recreated versions of some of their most highly sought after pedals. The Waza craft reissues use updated, higher quality components and they’re made in Japan! We did a comparison of the vintage BOSS VB-2 Vibrato with the Waza BOSS VB-2w, and the Waza version is the one to get!

The DC-2w has the added bonus of a switch that models the original Roland SDD-320 rackmount unit, as well as a function exclusive to the Waza reissue. Unlike most BOSS pedals, the DC-2 has buttons as opposed to knobs, you’re working with presets, with each setting getting progressively more intense. By flipping the SDD-320 switch you can work with a combination of the pedals settings by engaging two at a time, something previously exclusive to the rackmount version and not the DC-2. The DC-2w has that exact coveted chorus sound that has made the original worth in excess of $300 on the resale market. The Waza version builds upon the original while adding to its already legendary legacy.

The pedal that every guitar player seems to have add at some point, but not me! The original BOSS Metal Zone despite the branding, has a pretty solid EQ and tonal range for higher gain situations. You can scoop your Mids and get that metal sound, but you could also dial in a pretty solid distortion, and even a clean boost. The BOSS MT-2w is the Metal Zone everyone’s familiar with, but with the added “custom” switch it becomes something else entirely.

BOSS is “the boss” for a reason, they’ve been a permanent fixture in the effects pedal world and their pedals are quite literally built to last. You hold these pedals in your hands and they feel robust, sturdy and high quality. There’s a video of someone out there running over one with a truck and it works fine! These pedals are made to last for generations, I’ve got my favorites that have lasted decades and these reissues are the perfect opportunity to get some legendary BOSS pedals that came and went. Often imitated, but never replicated; thanks to the Waza craft it was definitely worth the wait.


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