Fender: Marine Layer Reverb

Picking up from last weeks feature of the Santa Ana Overdrive, we're checking out the Marine Layer reverb from Fender's new line of effects pedals! Fender reverbs are iconic, whether they're built into those legendary vintage amps, or an individual tank, the Marine Layer is Fender doing what Fender does best.

Photo credit: Sweetwater

Photo credit: Sweetwater

Like the Santa Ana, the Marine Layer features a robust brushed aluminum chassis, magnetized battery compartment, and LED lit knobs. In keeping with the name, the Marine Layer reverb sounds so lush, like you're being swathed in atmospheric fog. On my fretless (paired with Fender's The Bends compressor) the Marine Layer was able to get big and cinematic. The reverb can trail on forever. 

The Marine Layer has three separate reverb settings, each setting has two variations, (like a larger sounding room etc.) and a filter switch for brighter/darker tones. The "Special" setting is unlike any "Shimmer" setting you might hear in the pedal reverb game right now. The cool thing about this pedal is there is a switch up top thats not a traditional dry/wet blend knob, but can completely eliminate your dry signal. Be careful! Even if the pedal isn't engaged it'll still kill your signal. 

We love these Fender effects pedals! It's such a great line that can get some really legendary sounds, we're stoked on these and we can't wait to see what Fender comes up with next!