EarthQuaker Devices: Pyramids

New to 2018, the mighty EarthQuaker Devices have announced the debut of the Pyramids stereo flanger pedal! If you know me, I LOVE Flangers, so I was super stoked for this pedal when we caught wind of it. There's a lot that's new to the Pyramids, EarthQuaker has gone out of their way to change the flanger game. There's a lot to dive into with the Pyramids, so let's get to it.

Photo credit: Reverb

Photo credit: Reverb

A first for EarthQuaker Devices, the Pyramids has got 5 programmable presets, as well as a press-and-hold "momentary" switch. Not to be outdone, the Pyramids has an expression pedal out, tap tempo which also doubles as a trigger switch for all the cool sounds the Pyramids has to offer. 

The Pyramids can get huge psychedelic swells that can make your favorite ring mod jealous, or it can sound like a groovy percussion section. There's a "step" feature, that chops up the flange or a "random" setting that drops the signal into the filter section of the pedal and outputs random chunks. Super trippy!

If you want those traditional Van Halen, Pat Traverse flanger sounds or something that sounds like a laser battle, the Pyramids can do it all. From subtle to extreme, EarthQuaker Devices has built a monument to flange with the Pyramids.