Tour Essentials with Ben Hinz of Dwarfcraft Devices

One thing I get asked about all the time when I'm on the road is "how do you survive years of touring?" Well, I'm here to tell you most of it isn't what you think. At the Milwaukee stop of the Marilyn Manson tour, I got to kick it with the homie Ben Hinz, of Dwarfcraft Devices. We had some down time at the hotel so we decided to shoot this video MTV Cribs style, we're even giving you a sneak peek of two new Dwarcraft Devices pedals!

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So what are some tour essentials? Well, it's not like I'm rocking bottles of Jack Daniels, but I'm definitely rocking a bike, a bike lock and some necessary exercise equipment. When you're playing for hours a day, 7 days a week, the weight you carry around your neck definitely takes its toll. It's super important to stretch, roll that back out! The Brompton folding bike is great for getting that exercise in, and also just exploring the city you're in. No point in being cooped up in the hotel, go check see the sights. Double up on headphones and chargers, because you will lose one but that's okay, that's what the back-up is for. 

Last but certainly not least, don't forget your pedalboard, this is Pedals and Effects after all. Peep the video for all of my tour essentials as well as a sneak peek at Dwarfcraft Devices' Witch Shifter (fuzz, pitch shifting, delay) and Reese Lightning (fuzz with a clean blend, feedback loop named after the "Reese" bass from Jungle music). Full features coming soon! Also, don't forget some light reading like a Van Halen biography!

Even though I've been on the road a bunch I still got Pedals and Effects on the mind, stay tuned for some new pedals, features, interviews and of course Kombucha.