Pedals and Effects live at Earthquaker Day 2018

I got to tell you, it's been a very busy summer! While things have been super crazy on tour, I always have time for Earthquaker Devices. On the Columbus stop of the Marilyn Manson tour I drove in to Akron to meet up with Nick for Earthquaker Devices annual Earthquaker day, celebrating all things Earthquaker Devices!

Photo credit: Nick Reinhart

Photo credit: Nick Reinhart

First thing in the morning I did a bass clinic with the entire Earthquaker Devices product line. It felt great to be back in the saddle doing pedal specific clinics. Later in the day, Nick and I shot a video with Guitar Center running through some of our favorite Earthquaker Devices pedals. In a first for Pedals and Effects, we actually jammed on camera! You can peep that video here:

I had to leave shortly after to meet back up with the Marilyn Mason camp, but it was great to be back in Akron and see how large Earthquaker Devices has gotten. Once upon a time it was Jamie in his basement, and now they are this whole operation and they even have ads in the local airport. I'm stoked to see how far Earthquaker Devices has come, and I count myself fortunate to have been there from the very beginning.