Earthquaker Devices: Swiss Things

First Pedals and Effects video of 2019! New for Winter NAMM 2019, we’re proud to debut the latest and greatest from the mighty Earthquaker Devices. We’re coming at you with an exclusive look at the new Earthquaker Devices Swiss Things! As the name might imply, the Swiss Things is a Swiss army knife of a pedal. It’s an effects loop, an A/B/Y switcher, it’s even got phase cancellation for those stereo setups, and a signal boost. Got a bunch of patch cables making a mess of your pedalboard? Clean up your act with the Earthquaker Devices Swiss Things!

Photo credit: Earthquaker Devices

Photo credit: Earthquaker Devices

The Swiss Things is a blessing if you’re running a stereo setup. No longer do you have to deal with nasty out of phase issues making for a long sound/line check at the venue. The Swiss Things is also fantastic for those “always on” pedals. My Sovtek Big Muff was an always-on pedal I used with Mars Volta, because of how old it is, I didn’t want to potentially damage the chip by constantly switching it on and off. If you have a combo of pedals you want to use for a single part (like an overdrive with a delay for lead lines, or in Nick’s case Bit Commander with Rainbow Machine) stack those in one of the loops of the Swiss Things and activate that sucker when the time comes.

Of note, Loop 1 is unbuffered as meant for dirt/distortion/fuzz and overdrive. Loop 2 is buffered and is intended for any delay or modulation pedals you may have. If you got a large pedalboard with a combination of buffered/unbuffered, true bypass/non bypass pedals, the Swiss Things has even got a boost to bring these up to level in addition to the buffering it can accomplish.

But wait, there’s more. The Swiss Things turns your expression pedals into volume pedals without the tone suck that comes from your standard volume pedals, complete with an output for your tuner.