Source Audio: Collider

Fresh off the road, Pedals and Effects is proud to assist Source Audio in launching their latest pedal, the Collider! Half Source Audio Nemesis Delay - half Source Audio Ventris reverb, these two pedals collide for a perfect Frankenstein’s monster of reverb and delay. If you want straightforward reverb, and delay with impeccable tracking, the Collider has got that. Dig a little deeper though, and you can get other worldly.

Photo credit: Source Audio

Photo credit: Source Audio

As you may have guessed, the Collider has two separate sides: the delay side, and the reverb side. You can engage one independent of the other or find the real magic by having them both blend into each other. With 12 separate delay/reverb engines, you can save up to eight presets (4 for delay, 4 for reverb) but what’s more, is you can upload your settings to the Source Audio app. The Neuro Editing System. If you’re at your desk job, and creativity suddenly strikes, you can edit your settings right on your phone. You can share your presets with others, or in case you come up with something cool and don’t want to lose it, you can back it up online! (We will post our presets here stay tuned).

For all the keyboard players, the Collider can be run in stereo, is fully MIDI capable, and also has an expression pedal input. Two separate controls give you specific access to various parameters for each reverb or delay. It can control delay modulation/tape degradation, or “reflection” of the room. It’s 2019, which means you gotta have a “Shimmer

The wizards at Source Audio have included a tap tempo switch built into the bypass (on/off) switch! For tap tempo, just tap it, to bypass the effect, just press it once. There’s also a “hold” function, where you can loop your delay/reverb trail and continue to play over it. We love it!

The audio geniuses at Source Audio think of absolutely everything, it’s simple enough for the casual user to get into, and for the enthusiasts, the sky’s the limit. The Collider has got all the classic delay and reverb sounds you could want, but it also has plenty of odd sounds for weirdos like us.