EarthQuaker Devices: Plumes

You want something cool for the summer? Start feeling the vibes and blow some smoke rings with the Plumes overdrive from EarthQuaker Devices! The Plumes is the latest entry in the EarthQuaker Devices journey with overdrives. The Plumes is more low gain “tube screamer-esque,” and with three different clipping modes you will have one of the sounding tones on the block. The really dope thing about the Plumes, is that no matter what kind of amp you’re playing out of, you will have a consistently great tone!

Photo credit: EarthQuaker Devices

Photo credit: EarthQuaker Devices

This “small signal shredder” will shred any preconceived notion you have about tone! With settings for symmetrical and asymmetrical clipping, you have control over how much compression and gain you want in your tone. On a clean amp, it can really color your tone with a nuanced amount of gain. On a dirty half stack, it can give your tone an additional punch, grit and texture. Even with everything dimed, the amount of headroom was astonishing, every single setting we messed with provided a useful, musical sound. The best part? This game changing pedal can be yours for only $99!

We’re so impressed by the Plumes, and for the price, this pedal is an absolute no-brainer!