Adventure Audio: Again

I don’t think there couldn’t be a more perfect name for this pedal company, anything of theirs we get, we know we’re about to go on an adventure into uncharted territory! New from Adventure Audio, is the Again modulation delay pedal. Adventure Audio has taken one of the coolest types of delay, and outfitted it with their euro-rack sensibilities.

Photo credit: Adventure Audio

Photo credit: Adventure Audio

Once upon a time Ibanez put out a series of pedals, of which included the Ibanez “Modulation Delay.” These pedals flew relatively under the radar in the 90’s - 2000’s but they go for a pretty penny nowadays. With the Again, Adventure Audio has managed to capture the magic of those old delay pedals. The Again is capable of analog style echo trails, lo-fi delay, weird repeats, time warping/stretching as well as some more straight forward delay sounds (but who would want to do that?).

Known for their analog synth/euro rack modules, Adventure Audio included additional “voltage controlled parameters.” We’re definitely not engineers, but we know the more we feed or starve these inputs, the crazier the pedal gets!

This is a pedal is capable of some incredibly unique delay sounds, and it will make you want to play, again and again and again and again and again. Check out Adventure Audio!