Mantic Effects: Hulk

New for 2019, Mantic Effects completely downsized their Density Hulk subharmonic synth pedal into the Hulk! I’ve got the very first version of the pedal and it was huge, second version they downsized a bit, but this newest version can fit in your pocket. The Hulk is capable of getting all those low end sub tones you know I love, so you’ll be blowing up PA’s in no time. (Literally, this stuff can blow out PA’s and speakers.)

Photo credit: Mantic Effects

Photo credit: Mantic Effects

Today’s video is short and sweet, giving you an idea of how the Hulk has evolved over the years. Mantic Effects and Pedals and Effects go way back. Way back when the channel was just starting out, and before Mantic was killing it at NAMM every year. Even though the pedal has been downsized, it will make you sound huge. The maximum output has been increased, and a switch lets you bypass your dry signal if you’re outputting to the Front of House. If you miss the other two knobs that were present on the previous versions, open up the enclosure and there are two internal trim pots. It’s in the name, this pedal will make you sound huge.

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