TC Electronic: June-60

A few years ago at GuitCon , TC Electronic very quietly showed off a surprise pedal that went largely unnoticed by the blues rockers and shredders present. Nick and I however, were flipping out. Based on the famous Roland Juno-60 synthesizer, TC Electronic isolated a single part of the synth for a no frills, faithful re-creation of that classic chorus sound. It’s simple, no frills, and what’s even better, it’s just $50!

Photo credit: TC Electronic

Photo credit: TC Electronic

Aesthetically the June-60 looks like it was plucked right from the Juno synth. Similar yellow buttons and even classy (real?) wood bookends it looks like a teeny-tiny version of the Juno. At the time, when we saw the June-60 at GuitCon, we believe that TC Electronic had to iron out some legal details with Roland which is why it was introduced without too much fanfare .

The June-60 is all analog. In trying to be as faithful as possible with the Juno synth. For all the tech-heads the June-60 uses Bucket Brigade Delay circuitry. There’s a mono/stereo switch for variety of depth in your chorus. Not a whole lot to overthink. Two buttons, one switch, it’s one of the best chorus sounds you can get, and with a price point that’s favorable to everyone’s budget.

TC Electronic knocked it out of the park with the June-60. It’s such a great little chorus pedal that’s a faithful re-creation of a legendary sound. It’s a vintage sound, without the vintage price tag. It doesn’t take a whole lot of space, but it can add a whole lot of texture to your tone. Check it out!