JAM Pedals: Red Muck Bass

This past NAMM, we had the pleasure of meeting the crew behind JAM pedals! Word quickly spread through the convention center that Nick and I had to check out their booth ASAP. When we finally made it, the first thing that caught our eye was all the amazing hand painted artwork on their pedals. JAM pedals meticulously handcraft and paint each and every one of their pedals, and their lineup is magical. I was told that their “Red Muck Bass” would replace my Sovtek Big Fuzz, and well, they’re not wrong.

Photo credit: JAM Pedals

Photo credit: JAM Pedals

If you know me, you know I swear by my vintage Electro Harmonix Sovtek Fuzz (it has three of my flags on it!). The Red Muck Bass has additional controls over their standard Red Muck. There’s a “Mix” knob as well as “added tonal flexibility” via their expanded tone controls. The Red Muck Bass even has a boost if you’re into gain staging. For a quarter of the size, it’s definitely worthwhile to tour with and not having to worry about a vintage pedal going down. We A/B the Red Muck Bass with the Sovtek and it comes pretty freaking close!

Don’t sleep on JAM pedals! These guys have the potential to be huge, and they have a super dope line of pedals. Support local businesses! I have a good feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more good things about JAM pedals.