Dwarfcraft: Eau Claire Thunder Gold Standard

Pedals and Effects is proud to roll out the red carpet for the new Dwarfcraft Devices Eau Claire Thunder Gold Standard! You asked, and Dwarfcraft Devices answered. Their Eau Claire Thunder is back in a smaller, more streamlined enclosure BUT in limited quantities. (Only sixty five of these will be available for purchase!) There are a few new surprises exclusive to the Gold Standard, and Pedals and Effects is going to do some prospecting for you.

Photo credit: Dwarfcraft

Photo credit: Dwarfcraft

Straight outta Wisconsin, Dwarfcraft Devices, and Pedals and Effects go way back! In the first Premier Guitar Rig Rundown I ever did in 2011 I was repping a custom Eau Claire Thunder on the Mars Volta/Soundgarden tour. Every time I’m on tour and in the area, I usually try and kick it with them. Named after their hometown, the Eau Claire Thunder sets the bar high for fuzz pedals. The OG Eau Claire Thunder is in some cases gnarlier than the Sovtek Big Muff (and you know how much I love those).

Exclusive to the Gold Standard are germanium diodes, and for the engineers/gear heads it has “NOS Fairchild 2n5133” transistors to evoke all those classic, vintage fuzz tones. You have the added option of being able to switch between modern and vintage diodes (don’t be fooled by the “Time warp” knob, no delays here!) Streamlined and simplified, the Gold Standard doesn’t come with the “Feedback Loop” that comes on the flagship Eau Claire Thunder. You can sound huge, but there’s a lot of magic in the subtle definition in the fuzz as well. It might not be as over the top as the OG Eau Claire Thunder, but it’s warmer and in the words of Dwarfcraft, woolier!

You know Dwarfcraft Devices has got the goods, and there’s certainly going to be a gold rush after showing you what the Gold Standard is capable of! There are only sixty-five (65!) of these available for purchase so don’t sleep on it!