Looking Back: How Reverb and Chorusing work


It’s always great to look back to when Pedals And Effects was just getting started. When it was just me in a room with a camera (more often than not it was my iPhone, 5starr Sound Labs was so empty back then!). Back when I was still trying to figure out what type of videos I wanted to make and how I wanted to demonstrate each effect, I had shot this video as a means to introduce and tease some upcoming pedal reviews. It worked back then for the time, but I definitely prefer how we do our review videos nowadays.

In this particular video I explain the intricacies in the difference between reverb and chorus effects and the subtleties of the delay. I explain how reverb emulates a room tone with delay, and chorusing is a delay that multiplies the additional signal out of time but in unison, like most singers use on their vocals.

I am by no means an engineer, but I dabble, and in the long road of life you never stop learning. Check it out!

Do you think I should do more videos like these? What are some more things you'd like to see or explained when we shoot? Leave a comment below!