Bass compression with Robert Keeley

Continuing from our last feature with Robert Keeley, I got to sit down with the genius himself, to this time talk bass compression at Guitcon in Markneukirchen, Germany! Keeley gives us the scoop on his Compressor Pro and the compression stage of the Tone Workstation.


As most of you know compression is close to my heart. My go to, number one, all time most used pedal, is the Boss CS-2. The Boss CS-2 is old faithful. Some time ago I sat down with producer/engineer Robert C to really dissect what it is the Boss CS-2 does that makes me love it so much. Turns out, the CS-2 adds some distortion and top end which pops those harmonics.  Most importantly, compression gives me more articulation, and that's one of the most integral parts of my playing. 

Robert and I go in depth, we A/B his Compressor Pro, and the compression stage of the Tone Workstation. He explains why each do what they do, and why one might add "color" to your tone while the other doesn't. 

Robert and I go way back, and it is always an absolute pleasure speaking with him. In the years I've known him I'm always grateful to learn new things every time I speak with him! Peep the video, and stay tuned, there's more with Robert Keeley to come!